Kart Race Suit - CIK - 2021 New Gen Super Soft Suit (LRG2021) Black/Red/Gray

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Manufactured to the new Homologation applicable from 01.01.2020 

Meets all New Zealand karting certification requirements CIK level 2

only L and xl in stock atm

other sizes and colour combinations available to order atm

Sorry we still have to have these photograph professionally so we apologize for the simple photos size large on Size m Model

13 Years of Manufacturing this is our best suit to date...  In our Classic Black with white detailing

  • Black light weight soft 70% Polymide 30% Aramide  fabric
  • Inner fine 100 cotton lined
  • Elastic arm inserts for maximum flexibility
  • Nascar Leg Cuffs
  • Two pockets
  • Great quality
  • Comes in a zip up easy carry storage bag.



Choosing the best size
We offer a free exchange service if the first is wrong, but this sizing generally works will.

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