Meccano - Multi model sets

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40 model

T387 piece motorised construction set
Makes 40+ different models
6V electric motor included
Hard-wearing storage 'suitcase'
Tools and instructions included
Distinctive perforated metal parts for ages 8+
Requires 4x AA batteries not included

20 model

Kids with a mechanical and imaginative mind will love the Multimodels from Meccano. What makes this set so incredibly fun is that it comes with over 230 different parts. With this many parts it is very easy to construct as many as 20 different machines. Build one model and then turn around to build a completely different model. Finally each of the models can be motorized. The construction set comes with a 3 volt motor which is plenty capable of moving the models anywhere.
Builds a twin-prop airplane, snowmobile, race cars and more!


10 model
•190 piece construction set
•Makes 10+ different models
•Tools and instructions included
•Distinctive perforated metal parts for ages 8+


PARTS : 60