Picquic Mulit Screw Driver Tool

Picquic Mulit Screw Driver Tool

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Picquic Multi-Screwdrivers

PICQUIC is the original instant multi screwdriver, combining the convenience of multiple bits in one handle. Made with the highest-grade materials and with great attention to detail, Picquic ensures consistently superior and long-lasting products.

Picquic’s patented “Auto storage” system (you must replace a bit to get the next one out) has established this multi-driver as the one to have. Users love the quality feel, the security of a lifetime guaranteed handle, and the availability of a wide bit selection.

7 3/16" BITS

Lifetime Guarantee: Honest Quality;

All Picquic handles are guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship as long as you own them.

Because the bits in Picquic screwdrivers are made to function in power driven tools, they can wear over time, and are not subject to this guarantee.

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