Rotax Kart Battery

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Ready to go. No mess, no fuss. Factory sealed, maintenance free Nano-Gel Batteries. Pre-charged and ready for installation!

Gel batteries boast greater resistance to extreme temperatures, shock, and vibration. Unlike flooded wet-cell batteries, gel cell batteries do not need to be kept upright. The gelled electrolyte won't spill, even if the battery is tipped upside down or cracked open. You won't have to worry about any messy acid spills or corrosion around the batteries or any of your sensitive electronics.

With excellent performance, long shelf life and extended life span, isn't it time you upgraded to a Nano-Gel Battery.

Fits both the evo and non evo battery holders

YT7B-4  (YT7B, YT7B-BS

12V. 6.5 Ah


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