• Europe: ECE 22-05, ECE R 22 -05 or ECE 22-05 R

  • Great Britain: BSI 665 8-85 Type A or BSI 6658- 85 Type A/FR

  • Australia : AS1698

  • U.S.A.: K2005, M2000, M2005, M2010, SA2000, SA2005, K2010, SAH2010 child’s helmet: Snell -FIA CMH (Snell -FIA CMS2007 & CMR2007)

  • FIA : FIA Standard 8860-2004 and FIA 8860- 210 (FRA)

 Note: A Helmet with correct standard number but which was manufactured more than 10 years ago will not be acceptable.  ie. a Snell K2005 sticker with a manufactured date of January 2005

Age will be determined by the manufacturer’s date of manufacture labelling. Where no date of manufacture is visible on the helmet the onus is on the competitor to prove the helmet is less than 10 years old. Date of purchase is not evidence of the age of the helmet. No KartSport New Zealand tamper proof year dated sticker will be applied for a calendar year to any helmet which is more than 10 years old.

Only helmets with a strap retaining system are permitted.

Helmets are not to be modified, except as specifically permitted by the helmet manufacturer, in particular;

(a) ABS and Polycarbonate helmets must not be painted.

(b)It is not permissible to put any stickers on ABS or Polycarbonate helmets other than those supplied by the helmet manufacturer.

(c) Composite shell helmets may only be painted with a paint approved by the


The helmet with strap correctly fastened must not be able to be removed by lifting the back of the helmet.

The use of helmet restraints securing a competitor’s helmet to

the kart are not permitted.

Visors must be properly fitted to give complete eye protection at all times. Visors must be correctly fitted. Any foreign attachment to the visor to hold it in place is not acceptable. Visors which change colours (ie Blue Blockers) are not acceptable. Only clear visors can be used when competing at events under lights. When using a wet weather whirly a properly fitted visor must be used as well. All visors must be clean and free of scratches and marks. Any attachment to the visor must not be lower than eye level when worn.

Protective film or tear offs are permitted on visors but must not be removed or discarded whilst the competitor is within Sprint Circuit racing confines.

Cameras are not permitted to attach a camera to a helmet except as specifically permitted by the helmet manufacturer. Such helmet camera must be wireless. (ie not connected to the kart and/or rec ording device via cable).



Race suits must be worn. Race suits must cover the whole body from neck to ankles, including arms, and be adequately secured at the neck, wrists and Ankles. Race suits other than leather must be lined with cotton, polycotton or brushed cotton which must be attached to all garment seams. Boiler type race suits with pop type buttons are unacceptable. Race suits must have adequate and operable fastenings and be in sound condition free of tears, damage and excessive wear.
One piece fabric race suits homologated by the CIK
-FIA to CIK Standard N2001- 1 or N2013- 1 with an efficiency level of either
Level 1 or Level 2. The CIK -FIA homologation label Is on the back of the collar normally embroidered on to the outer fabric layer only. For KartSport New Zealand sanctioned events, race suits homologated by the CIK -FIA have no expiry date.



The wearing of neck braces for drivers of situp karts is strongly recommended


A wet weather over suit or other water resistant clothing or any other clothing may be worn over the race suit. Such wet weather over -suit/clothing must be adequately secured at the neck, ankles and wrists and must not have any protrusions.


These must be of substantial material, eg. leather or vinyl etc, give complete hand and finger protection, be firm fitting and worn during practice and competition. NOTE: Vinyl must be lined and must not be in direct contact with the skin.


Suitable footwear of enclosed type giving full foot protection. Laced type with ankle protection preferred.