LRG Deluxe Race Gloves MK2 - Silicon Grip- SFI 3.3 - Prefect for speedway - 11 SIZES

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Description / Options & Sizing / Product Care and Instructions

SFI 3.3 safety rated complies with Speedway and Motorsport New Zealand schedule A safety rules.

Our Deluxe glove just go better with our new MK2 design featuring - Silicon enhanced grip.   Now in 11 sizes 

See alSo our LRG LR1 Ultra glove for the ultimate comfort in gloves with its external stitch design - Colour options available


  • SFI 3.3 rating
  • 2 layer
  • Outer colour Nomex knitted fabric
  • inner Natural Nomex knitted fabric
  • Velcro wrist strap
  • stitched with 100 Meta Aramid Sewing thread
  • New silicon enhance grip - extra feel and superb grip.


Product Care

When not in use - Hang to dry and remove moisture. Avoid working on car with gloves to prevent grease/oil from staining Glove and compromising its effectiveness.

Recommends to dry clean but ensure your dry cleaner is familiar with fire-retardant fabrics. It can also be hand washed or washed on a delicate cycle on lukewarm to cold water. Woolite Soap or similar non abrasive detergent is recommend. Do not use bleach or similar products. Please make sure that the wrist collar are closed on the glove, to prevent the velcro from causing damage to the nomex fabric. Let the gloves hang to dry only, indoors out of sun..  

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