Maxima Chain Care Combo Kit featuring Syn Chain Guard - Increase Horse Power

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The Ultimate Chain Care Kit featuring Syn Chain Guard

Clean-Up, MPPL and Syn Chain Guard are a winning combination proven to increase horsepower and extend chain and sprocket life.

Clean-Up is an emulsion-type degreaser excellent for chains and sprockets that easily washes out with water.

MPPL (Multi-Purpose Penetrant Lube) is a superior, all-purpose spray-on penetrating lubricant that provides an excellent barrier against rust and corrosion, and is great for displacing moisture.

Synthetic Chain Guard's crystal clear formula resists fling-off. Advanced technology allows lube to penetrate critical inner pins and rollers, lubricating and protecting them from friction, shock load and high temperatures. Protective boundary guards chain against rust and corrosionwhile super clean formula minimises the attraction of dirt. For street and off road use.

3 Pack Contains: Clean-Up, MPPL & Chain Guard

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