SNIPER - V2 Innox Laser karting aligning tool, chain aligners, Camber Caster adjusters

colour: Sniper V2 alignment tools
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The V2 Inox is a 2 laser system which lets you quickly and easily set camber and toe on you kart. It gives the ability to measure static (kart on the stand) and dynamic (kart on the ground or scales with driver in place) so you know exactly how the kart responds. This system is suited for all kart racers, ideal to be used at the track between races to alter setup or to check alignment.

In the box:

• Pair of sintered 316 stainless steel V2 Inox Bodies 
• Pair of CR-1/3N spare batteries 
• One stainless steel ruler 
• One rare earth magnet 
• Instruction sheet 
• Custom packing



Snipers' new SA1 Linear Caster/Camber Adjuster is the perfect compliment to the V2 & V4 Laser Alignment Systems. The SA1 enables adjustment of camber & caster independently to fine tune your steering geometry when utilizing the V2 Laser Alignment Systems. Adjust caster in one degree increments while enjoying infinitely adjustable camber settings, both completely independent of the other. Install one pair of SA1's on the top of your spindle mounts for independent caster & camber adjustment or install two pair on the top and bottom of your spindle mounts for maximum adjustability.

In the box: as picture below.

• Pair of sintered SA1 adjuster assemblies
Available in 8mm or 10mm

Suitable for all 219 standard chains and karts
Install on the fitted sprocket and point towards the engine sprocket…
The laser dot will show the alignment… EASY
Allow for engine clutch drum end float, ( for engines with clutches  like Cheetah, Rotax, X30 etc )… and set to the average middle of the clutch drum end float.

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Jared Watty

Awesome product works exactly as it should easy to use

Michael Kemp

Great lasers easy to use recommend

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