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Vision Anti-Compression Collar

The Atlas Vision anti-compression collar is the “front only chest protector” of the neck protection world. A device designed for one specific purpose, void of anything that doesn’t contribute to that single job. The complete reimagine of the neck protection category leap frogs the competition with a simplified form, addition of advanced and proven materials, and the biggest improvement in user experience since the birth of neck protection.

By only being built up over the shoulders, the Atlas Vision aims to reduce compression forces only. By removing the traditional front and rear “shelves” of a neck brace, range of motion is increased by 66%, weight is reduced by 45% (vs Atlas Air), and the fit of the product creates a substantially wider audience for the product - enabling us to provide an option for anyone who couldn't previously wear a traditional neck brace.

  • D3O - Industry proven advanced impact absorbing material
  • 66% increase in range of motion (vs Atlas Air)
  • 45% lower weight (vs Atlas Air)
  • Compression only - Unique design removes the front and rear shelves, focussing on compression - the most deadly forces
  • Free range of motion - Range of motion is drastically increased, allowing you to freely see up and down hills, at your feet, to the sky, or tuck and roll during a crash
  • Unique design removed the need to adjust for chest thickness. Because it sits high on your back, the front can self-adjust up or down based on your chest thickness
  • Height adjustment - choose from 2 height adjustments out of the box
  • Split-Flex Frame - Split frame promotes flex to mimic natural body movements for maximum comfort and mobility
  • Sternum and spine free - Nothing resting on these fragile areas of your body
  • 2nd Generation Hybrid strap - New design separates into 2 straps, but retains a thick bottom/thin top for comfort while making it easy to put on/take off

Sizes: SM/MD  33 - 40” (84 - 100cm)    LG/XL  40 - 45” (100 - 114cm)]

Colour : Black   or  Grey/Orange


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